Teeth Whitening Sydney

Effective Teeth Whitening Methods

The most effective teeth whitening method is a result of following safe professional whitening procedures. It is more efficacious when followed up by at home teeth maintenance care. But to achieve the best result is to develop an outstanding personal hygiene. Among those healthy habits to maintain whiter teeth is by watching your diet by eating healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, brushing the teeth at least twice a day, consulting your dentists on a timely basis and applying in home whitening treatments.

The below are some of ways to achieve whiter teeth.

  • Whitening Pens and Brushes

This whitening method is convenient and user friendly. It requires sealed delivery system in order to avoid other harmful effects. The good thing is you can prevent soft tissue pain and irritation because you will just apply it to your teeth directly by painting. You can see the results of this method for months because it does not require close system that don’t allow the oxygen to escape. With these, it requires everyday commitment and patience.

  • Use of Over the Counter Trays and Gels

This whitening system is widely used by many people. It is also known as the boil and bite method because it requires the user to heat a tray filled with gel. After mixing it, all you need to do is to bite it. It takes weeks for you to see the results and user may feel soft tissue pain and irritation. Teeth sensitivity may be also felt.

  • Whitening Strips

There are various kinds of whitening strips that you can purchase over the counter. Those strips may have different levels of hydrogen peroxide levels so you must consult your dentist about the range of the peroxide that is safe for your teeth. You can see the result for 2 weeks. The only caution to take on this method is to prevent the strips in having contact with gums because it may cause irritation and pain.

  • Visiting Cosmetic Dental Clinics

Nowadays, there are several cosmetic dental clinics that you can visit to achieve teeth whitening in just short period of time. They use a high technology system that is safe and highly effective. This is the easiest and most recommended method in whitening of teeth because experts well trained staffs will do the stuff for you.

With the mentioned process and procedure for teeth whitening, what do you think best suits you? You might want your teeth assessed first. With this, you have to consult your dentist prior to any use of the products in the market. If you are searching for best cosmetic dental clinic in Australia you may consider Pure Smile Sydney.